By Jennifer Ferrise
Nov 06, 2015 @ 3:30 pm
Courtesy Netflix

If you're a fan of Aziz Ansari's conversational stand-up or his best seller Modern Romance, than you already know he keeps it real when it comes to relationships, sex, and the perils of dating. His new show, Master of None, which debuts on Netflix today, delves into that familiar territory with 10 hilarious episodes, loosely based on his own life.

As Dev, a 30-year-old actor navigating love, work, and family in New York City, Ansari guides the show through topics that are light (dating, hook-ups) and heavy (race, cheating) with the same likeable ease. "It has a different feel than other comedies on right now," Ansari told InStyle at the show's New York premiere. "We have a really diverse cast and everybody has an interesting narrative regardless of race, gender, or whatever. And it’s all coming from a real place."

Courtesy Netflix

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Ansari even cast his own mom and dad in the show, for an poignant episode called "Parents." "It became one of my favorites,” he says. "But it was definitely a little surreal to act with them.” Also familiar? Dev's downtown style of leather jackets with jeans and slim cut suits. “It’s pretty much how I dress," he says. "It’s kind of like when you see Larry David and you think he looks exactly like the guy in Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s all pretty close to me.”

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Noël Wells, best known from her time on Saturday Night Live, also stands out as Dev’s sort-of girlfriend Rachel. “Dev and Rachel have a genuine chemistry and they like to make each other laugh. It’s more than just a match on Tinder,” she says. Another memorable love interest in the series? Claire Danes, who makes a not-to-be-missed cameo as a married food critic that seduces Dev.

Check out the trailer below of Master of None, streaming now on Netflix.