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Aziz Ansari
Credit: Ruvan Wijesooriya

Ah, texting. As anyone who grew up in the millennial generation can attest, the modern, faceless method of communication that has rendered landlines obselete is rife with misunderstandings and mixed signals. And nobody knows this better than Aziz Ansari. In recent months, the comedian's new standup shtick has been to summon audience members who are currently engaging in a text courtship to the stage, and have them scroll up to the first message so he can read through the chain out loud and provide commentary. Basically, he calls attention to the fact that communicating via text is extremely confusing, a subject he further expounds on in his new book, Modern Romance ($18; amazon.com), a humorous (and scientific) study of love and relationships.

Aziz Ansari - Modern Romance
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"It's an awkward thing that only happens to people who live in this era," he tells InStyle of the text message tango. "You meet someone and you have this whole relationship that develops on your phone where your perception of who they are is completely formed by texts." But, for those guilty of the above, he has some words of wisdom: Don't write someone off just because of a lame message. "People have so much more to show you than they can show you in a text," he adds, citing a former audience member who's now engaged to the person she was corresponding with. "There's a lot of social science that shows that the more time you spend with people, you end up forming deeper connections. So if you go out with someone and you think it's a 6 out of 10, give them one more shot." You heard it here first.