By Cindy Weber-Cleary
Updated Feb 09, 2015 @ 12:16 pm
Credit: The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

We are used to seeing to seeing images of a gamine Audrey Hepburn, styled to perfection, stills from such movies as My Fair Lady, Roman Holiday, and Sabrina. So when I recently came across this paparazzi shot of the mature Ms. Hepburn traveling with her handsome later-in-life partner, Robert Wolders, I was struck by how effortlessly chic she appears in contrast to many of the photos of celebrities in airports that we see today.

Her tightly-belted Reefer coat, simple crewneck and trousers, comfortable shoes, Louis Vuitton satchels, and neatly pulled back hair are a completely different look than today's biker jackets, torn jeans, towering heels, and oversized sunglasses. Audrey's elegance continues to be an inspiration.