Audrey Hepburn's Granddaughter Is Venturing Into the Fashion World

If you need proof that style can run in a family, look no further than Audrey Hepburn's granddaughter Emma Kathleen Hepburn Ferrer. The 23-year-old shares more than her grandma's physical features—she's also been bitten by the same chic fashion bug, and she's putting her talent to good use.

Ferrer is venturing into the fashion world with her first-ever fashion exhibition called "Ideas Get Dressed." It features sketches from designers Zac Posen, Manolo Blahnik, Roland Nivelais, Raquel Davidowicz, and Geova Rodrigues, and will run at SAPAR Contemporary in N.Y.C. through April 26, which is impressive for a debut.

Audrey Hepburn Granddaughter
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The show is all about how designers transform their ideas and sketches into actual physical garments, and it walks visitors through the steps that designers take to actualize that. Posen even created a dress specifically for the exhibition to better show his draping mastery.

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SAPAR Contemporary
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SAPAR Contemporary

"We hear tidbits of the mayhem surrounding Fashion Week, and of the peculiarities that inspire the designers we love, but so little is known about the highly personal and individualized process that designers employ when thinking of and creating their work," SAPAR Contemporary explained in a press release to InStyle. "In ‘Ideas Get Dressed,’ these rituals are examined and explored."

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SAPAR Contemporary

While it's only Ferrer's first official exhibit as a curator, she's already got loftier goals that expand beyond the fashion world. Part of the exhibition proceeds are going toward the United Nations High commissioner for Refugees, to whom Ferrer is an ambassador.

Mixing fashion and philanthropy? What’s not to love.

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