Becca Kufrin Horoscope
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On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin will dump one of her two remaining boyfriends and make the other one her fiancé. It’s been a difficult “journey” for the 28-year-old, who struggled to decide which of her increasingly unlikable suitors she could picture herself walking down the aisle with (tune in for the no-doubt live spectacle on next season of Bachelor in Paradise). But according to astrologer Kathy Biehl, the cosmos strongly favor one man over the other.

“People tend to be focused on sun-sign compatibility,” says Biehl, of how people typically look to the stars for love advice — and based on sun sign alone, neither Garrett nor Blake is a cosmic match. But, she adds, “That’s not definitive at all.” So Biehl dug deeper into their astrological charts.

As an Aries, she says, "Becca has a strong personality and sense of herself. She is independent and self-starting, and values breathing room and the ability to be herself. She will ultimately do best with someone who can stand beside her as an equal, rather than either trying to dominate or allowing her to always take the lead.”

Which suitor fits the bill?

Sorry, America, it’s not the one you’re rooting for: “Her relationship with Garrett is better astrologically for long-term compatibility, and mutual love, acceptance, and understanding,” says Biehl.

But that may not be apparent to Becca, because she and Blake seem to share something that she and Garrett do not. “Her Aries nature might prefer excitement and challenge, which she has with Blake,” Biehl explains, a.k.a Becca's chemistry with Blake is all fireworks. “She may not realize the value of her connection to Garrett because it feels so natural and comfortable — and Blake is probably sparkier.”

If Garrett and Becca do end up together, though, the pair may still have some galactic hurdles to overcome, says Biehl. Ultimately, “her emotional core will drive her choice.”

Below, Biehl breaks down exactly what the universe has to say about both relationships.

Blake, the Taurus

"Becca and Blake are an example of opposites attracting,” says Biehl. "She is impulsive, decisive, and daring, while he has a dependable, steady-Eddie approach.”

That makes their connection magnetic, Biehl adds. "With love goddess Venus conjunct with his Taurus sun, he has an appealing sensual streak that she may find irresistible.”

But it’s not just physical attraction they share — their star power indicates they’d be the kind of couple that can stay up for hours talking and making googly eyes at each other. “There’s a wonderful compatibility marker that means they can talk up a storm, and probably more, with a lovely link between his Mars (sex drive) and her Venus (relationship style)."

Garrett, the Pisces

While Blake and Becca share a cosmic connection, Garrett and Becca’s may run deeper.

"Becca and Garrett have the makings of lifelong friends and, if they chose this route, lasting love,” says Biehl. “They have numerous chart overlaps in the loyal sign of Aquarius, which treats friendships as a form of religion — and also needs its space. Their natural comfort might be confused for just friendship, but there's much more going on here."

They definitely have their differences, Biehl says. "True, with a Pisces sun, he’s a bit softer than she, but her chart connects compatibly with that, via a tight link to her expansive, nurturing Jupiter in Cancer. This link also fuels romance and a gentle, sexy vibe.”

They may also find each other’s communication styles at odds sometimes. “He’s more conciliatory and less direct than she, with his Moon in Libra, which might feel out of sorts at times with her Aries forthrightness — or might be relieved when she takes the lead and spares him the need for diplomacy,” Biehl says.

But they also likely share uncannily similar philosophies when it comes to love, she adds. “They both have love goddess Venus in Aquarius, which means they have identical approaches to relationships! And also that he values a woman with her own mind.”

Fans will have noticed that Becca gravitated toward Garrett from night one, giving him the first impression rose and telling him he made her feel right at home — and there’s an celestial reason for that, says Biehl. One of the overlaps on their horoscope charts, she notes, “has a karmic aspect, which probably made him instantly feel like someone she has known forever. His mind and conversation style match her vision of the ideal man.” Plus, she says, “his intellect is downright seductive to her."