By Jonathan Borge
Jul 06, 2018 @ 2:45 pm

ASOS is getting a lot of love this week.

After reporter and athlete Chloe Ball-Hopkins sent the brand an email suggesting they create a jumpsuit with wheelchair users like her in mind, they delivered. ASOS collaborated with her on a splatter paint onesie that Ball-Hopkins says isn’t just for people with disabilities.

Earlier this week, she shared the news of her project on Twitter, and since then, fans have heaped praise on ASOS for addressing her concerns.

“So over the last several months I have been working with @ASOS to create a fashionable, yet practical waterproof all in one!” she wrote, dropping a link to the $64 one-piece.


In another tweet, she explained how this jumpsuit differs from others, describing how the design of the zipper makes it easier to wear as a jumpsuit or as two individual pieces. She also explained the benefits of the cuffed ankles (great for shorter people) and the waterproof pockets (to store valuables like phones and medical equipment).

Currently, Ball-Hopkins is training to compete in archery at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics after an injury prevented her from participating in the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. 

“To see the final product, I cant believe that we actually worked in conjunction so much," Ball-Hopkins told the BBC, adding that she was most excited that customers "get the same version whether it’s you or I buying it—that’s the point. It is exactly the same for me as it is for you.”

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On Twitter, people celebrated Ball-Hopkins and the brand for their work, adding that they were eager to get shopping.

ASOS campaigns have previously included models with disabilities, and the brand is known for being inclusive. The British e-tailer regularly casts people of color as well as women of all body types, and is known for supporting LGBTQ charities.