ASOS Swimwear Stretchmarks
Credit: ASOS

Asos just earned themselves some new fans with these body-positive swimsuit models. The online retailer is garnering some major praise online by featuring models with stretch marks, acne scars, and birthmarks on their website.

ASOS Stretchmarks - Embed - 1
Credit: ASOS

Unlike most swimsuit campaigns, the retailer refused to retouch the photos, and results are seriously stunning. How good is this model making that cut-out one-piece suit look? She’s gorgeous, flyaways and all.

ASOS Stretchmarks - Embed - 2
Credit: ASOS

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The Internet has taken notice, taking to Twitter to praise the lack of Photoshop on the images. “As someone who has always been ashamed of her stretch marks and felt I was the only one of my friends to have them, Asos are my MVP,” one user wrote.

“She is gorgeous without airbrushing stretch marks,” another wrote.

In a world where bikini photos are often highly retouched, it’s refreshing as hell to see these girls rocking their natural beauty in a swimsuit.

Asos, keep up the good work.