"They have no interest in reliving the past."

Demi Moore's new book, Inside Out, is filled with intimate details about her personal life, including a few bombshells related to her and Ashton Kutcher's eight-year marriage. And, according to E! News, Ashton and his new wife, Mila Kunis, aren't thrilled about Moore's walk down memory lane.

"The unwanted attention has been hard to deal with. They have no interest in being dragged into the spotlight or reliving the past," a source told the outlet. "Ashton knew it was coming and he did have a heads up. But of course he would prefer not be brought into this."

Credit: Todd Williamson/BBMA2016/Getty

In her memoir, Demi seemingly points a finger at Ashton for the downfall of their marriage, revealing that he asked for threesomes and cheated on her. She also revealed that the couple suffered a miscarriage six months into their pregnancy.

"Demi was always very private so it came as a surprise that she wanted to air all of her dirty laundry and have so much focus and attention on her personal life. Mila and Ashton are just riding out the media attention and know it will die down soon," the insider added.

Aside from almost posting something "really snarky" in light of the allegations, Ashton has stayed uncharacteristically quiet for his new family's sake.

Meanwhile, Mila is reportedly unconcerned with the unflattering revelations about her husband. “Mila is very supportive and understanding. It was a different time in Ashton’s life and feels like a lifetime ago for all of them,” the source explained. “They have moved on from all of that and have a completely different life now with their kids and family.”