Ashton Kutcher Just Met His Bachelor Franchise Doppelgänger

Not like I'm speaking from experience, but I have to imagine that being compared to someone who was once declared the runner up to the "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine is a fantastic feeling — especially when said Sexy Man was the one to draw the comparison.

Jared Haibon — a former Bachelorette contestant who is currently one half of a Bachelor franchise power couple with fianceé Ashley Iaconetti (aka Ashley I.) — had the distinct honor of being called out for his likeness to Ashton Kutcher way back in 2015, and now, three years later, he's met his doppelgänger IRL.

The duo posed along with their respective partners at Dodgers Stadium on Sunday for a truly full circle moment.

"In 2015, Ashton Kutcher tweeted a side by side photo of our faces," Haibon captioned the a photo of the foursome. "In 2017, he said he got into watching The Bachelor because a guy named Jared looked like him. In 2018, we met and bonded over marrying our best friends."

I'm not crying, you're crying.

(And in case you were curious, here's that side by side:)

Now, before you think that Kutcher only tuned in to The Bachelorette because he wanted to see his lookalike on TV, it's important to realize that Mila Kunis had a hand in building his Bachelor loyalty, too. In 2015, Kunis revealed in a Reddit AMA that she had just begun watching the show. And in case you missed it, it was Kunis herself that orchestrated the initial side by side photo.

Fast-forward two years later, and she and Kutcher actually made a guest appearance on The Bachelorette, helping Rachel Lindsay find her one true love.

Now the real question: Will Ashton and Mila be invited to Jared and Ashley's wedding? In the words of Chris Harrison, "stay tuned."

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