Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger on the Power of Hair

"For people like Ali and I, self-expression is massive for who we are and what we stand for."

Ashlyn Harris Ali Krieger Bumble and Bumble Campaign
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For professional athletes, hair can be a practical way to stand out during games. But that braid, hairband, or slicked-back bob can also be a powerful message of self-expression.

That's why United States National Soccer Team stars and newlyweds Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger's first ever beauty partnership with Bumble and bumble makes perfect sense. The couple will star in campaigns for haircare brand's upcoming product launches.

"When you get involved with a team sport, a lot of your individuality is taken away because you have team activewear and everything is the same colors, so it's in synch," Harris tells InStyle. "You almost start becoming one, so hair is an element where you can really express who you are with different colors and cuts. For people like Ali and I, self-expression is massive for who we are and what we stand for. We want to tell a story and be different."

The pair's hair was on full display in 2019, seeing as the USWNT took home the World Cup last summer, and following their win, the team disrupted the soccer industry by fighting for equal pay — a battle that's still on-going.

However, on a personal note, the couple closed the year off by getting married on Dec. 28 in Miami — and of course their hair was an important factor.

Krieger explains that the couple took their wedding as an opportunity to style their hair and express themselves in a way that people don't normally get to see. “I felt like we were really able to do whatever we wanted, so I wanted really big, luscious waves,” she shares. “My stylist added extensions and did a really beautiful half-up half-down look to go along with my Pronovias gown. For our reception and rehearsal dinner, I wanted this big messy fishtail-braided ponytail.”

For Harris, her look was all about elevating her signature platinum bob. “For the wedding I wanted something classic, and a big part of my hair is my texture," she says. "So, I went with my traditional slicked-back look with texture and depth. I wanted my hair to photograph well, but there was also a lot going on with my outfit [a custom Thom Browne suit]. My hair needed to stand out, but not take away from what I was wearing."

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When it comes to looking back on their past styles, the couple has no qualms about how they've switched up their hair throughout the years.

"My hair always looks great," Krieger laughs. "I’ve never really had any regrets. I’ve always felt confident about where I was in that moment in time and you always grow from those beauty and life experiences."

Harris agrees, reminicising on her drastic cut.

"I had really beautiful long platinum blonde hair, and one day I woke up and felt like I needed a change so I cut it all off," she says, adding that her hair changes have been an imporant part of her personal journey. "It was really important and a chance for me to start over and shed a lot of heavy things that were going on in my life."

She continues: "Even though I’ve had a lot of different hairstyles, I don’t look back and wish I didn’t do any of them. I think about how that hairstyle was really a moment in time where I was going through something or wanted change and that was how I dug into the change."

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