The Olsen Quarantine Uniform Is Exactly What You Think It Is

This is the first time one of the Olsen twins has been spotted in over two months.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are the (read: my) superheroes of fashion. For a consistent 15 years, they have made wearing the most absurdly baggy trousers and tops look like they cost both $10 and $10,000 at the same time. That is talent!

In these trying times, their wisdom and expertise when it comes to the art of sort-of-pajamas-but-definitely-not-pajamas dressing is what we need. And, after waiting two full months for them to emerge, we finally have a glimpse of what one of them has been wearing. On Tuesday, one of the twins who appeared to be getting out of Ashley's car (though it's hard to tell because of the face mask) stepped out in New York City wearing her classic combo of wide-leg trousers, an oversized button down (which was just the right amount of wrinkled), and a long, navy blue jacket.

This time, however, she traded in her much-loved Birkenstocks for quarantine-friendly white sneakers. Olsen accessorized with black sunglasses and...a lanyard. Of course, she was also wearing a cloth mask and, like the cautious, overly-draped-in-fabric queen she is, she supplemented her mask with a bandana around her neck.

Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen Quarantine Outfit

Even though the twins have been hiding away since the coronavirus pandemic locked down New York City, this isn't the only time we've heard from them. Last month, the twins released a playlist via their brand The Row's Spotify, which is the perfect soundtrack to our collective melancholy.

Now, I will be attempting to soothe myself by heading to my closet to pile on everything I own, while listening to their playlist and wishing that Dualstar movies were available on Netflix. Please respect my privacy during this time.

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