Ashley Greene's Red Hair: Her Colorist Shares the Details

Ashley Greene Hair
Photo: 310pix

Ashley Greene made a head-turning statement when she stepped out with newly red hair over the weekend. We caught up with her colorist, Jason Backe, who works at the Ted Gibson Salon, to get the details on the star's new hue. "Ashley is a great client because every time she colors her hair she wants to do something different," he told "When she said she wanted to go red, she was specific in requesting a color that made a bold statement, that didn't necessarily look natural, and had no orange tones." Ready to go red? Backe recommends keeping your skin tone in mind before taking the plunge. Those with pale complexions, like Greene's, should opt for a similar color to the actress'—a cool-toned red with no hint of orange. "For people who tan easily, have olive undertones, or have a dark complexion, true reds or violet-reds are great options," he advised. "The end result is a traffic-stopping color that has everybody talking." You can say that again!

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