Could the Ashley Graham Show being coming to a TV near you? We hope so!

In a new interview, supermodel Ashley Graham opened up about the "bold moves" she's made in her career, as well as her future aspirations, which include having a talk show. Yes, yes, yes!

Graham was recently named a new Global Ambassador for Revlon, and at an exclusive makeup demo this week, the 30-year-old told E! News that her TED Talk was a major moment for her, admitting she was scared of doing such a huge public speech.

"In my career I've had to make bold moves along the way," Graham told the source. "Now looking back on it, saying yes to the TED talk was a really big, bold move for me because I was frightened. It was my very first major public speaking event."

The body positivity activist also talked about having her own talk show, saying "it's in the works."

"You know what the Ashley Graham Show is coming! I've already had a couple of amazing offers, so it's in the works," she told E! News.

Apparently we have TV personality Gayle King to thank for this amazing idea. Graham explains that, "Gayle King has turned into a great friend and she said, 'You know Oprah, she had a show, you wanna fill up her shoes?' And I said, 'Yes, Gayle! I wanna fill up Oprah's shoes!'"

We have a feeling this might be the next hit talk show. Here's hoping it happens sooner rather than later!