Ashley Graham and husband Justin Ervin may have exchanged vows in 2010, but now they’re looking to make things, well, skin deep.

Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images

The model and body activist sat in the tattoo artist’s chair and permanently marked her body with her hubby’s initials, “JE,” at a party in New York where she celebrated her brand-new, and super epic Revlon campaign. Created by celebrity-favorite Jon Boy, the ink is subtle and sweet with a cursive-like design.

According to Page Six, Graham seems to have done this spontaneously. “You guys, I’m going to get a tattoo!” she reportedly said. Ervin wrote his initials and Jon Boy followed to produce an incredibly special, personal piece of artwork.

Recently, the model opened up on The View and described her own #MeToo experience. “I was shooting a big campaign, and a photo assistant said, ‘Come here, I wanna talk to you,’” she said the show. “And he lured me into this hallway, pushed me into a closet. He exposed himself, and he said, ‘Look at what you did to me all day long, now touch it.”

She added that thanks to the voices of female public figures, she thinks “the movement is working.”