"THIS is what real women look like."


Ashley Graham has always been comfortable with her curves, but, now that she's pregnant with her first child, the model is doubling down on her body confidence.

On Sunday, Graham shared a nude photo of herself on Instagram, highlighting her stretch marks and cellulite. “Same same but a little different,” she captioned the post, in which she poses naked with her hand covering her breast.

Women — celebrities and fans alike — praised Ashley for being brave enough to bare her imperfections on social media. Lily Aldridge left several red-heart emojis, while Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum commented, “My Lord, THANK YOU for this.”

Other followers left equally uplifting messages in the comments section. “I freaking love you for this. THIS is what real women look like,” one wrote. Another thanked Graham by saying: "Thanks for always being real and honest! Beautiful! Makes me feel that I could be beautiful too with all my cellulite and stretch marks!”

Despite her changing curves, it appears as if Ashley is still keeping up with her fitness regimen during pregnancy. Hours before sharing her naked snap, the expectant mom posted her Sunday workout routine to her Instagram grid, saying she felt "flexible & strong."

Earlier this week, Kourtney Kardashian made a similar body positive statement by opting not airbrush a bikini-clad photo that displayed her "little stripes," and people were quick to applaud the reality star. "Thank you so much for not editing out your stretch marks!!" a fan wrote.

Hats off to Ashley and Kourtney for being real about their bodies.