Ashley Graham's Runway Prep Involves a Lot of Beyoncé, as It Should

Ashley Graham, the unofficial face (and body) of the sartorial revolution, is an old pro when it comes to strutting her stuff on the runway/red carpet/in photo shoots/on Instagram, et al.

Unsurprisingly, most of Graham’s slayage is the result of natural talent and exuberant confidence. “Honestly, there’s nothing that’s that much different in preparing for the runway verses preparing for a photo shoot verses real life,” the model and entrepreneur told InStyle.

When it comes to pre-show prep, Graham’s approach is decidedly low-key. “I just try to take care of my body, eat well, and work out,” she shared.

That’s the long game, of course, but what about those precious moments right before stepping on the runway? Graham’s/the universe’s answer is simple: Beyoncé.

“Backstage I do a lot of Beyoncé moves,” the model told us—and hey, the practice paid off:

Girl’s got it goin’ on!

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