Ashley Graham Is So Over the Term "Plus-Size"

Photo: D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Ashley Graham is sick of the term "plus-size," and she's not afraid to say so. In an interview with the Associated Press on Friday, Graham explained why she thinks labeling women based on "the number inside of their pants" is divisive.

Graham, the 29-year-old model, has always been an outspoken advocate for body positivity, and she spoke out against the term "plus-size" in her latest interview.

"Does any woman really just come in and say, 'I'm a plus-size woman'?" Graham asked. "Maybe as a defense mechanism or maybe as a way to kind of cope with fitting into society but ... I just think it's divisive. I think labeling and putting a name on women in certain categories because [of] a number inside of their pants isn't really getting us any farther in life."

VIDEO: Ashley Graham's Body-Positive Message

Despite her annoyance with the commonly-used term, Graham explained she's happy to see the fashion industry moving toward an era of inclusivity, where people of all shapes and sizes are represented.

"I think what's really great is the fashion industry has really said, 'You know what, we're about inclusion right now.' We've had the body era. We've had the waif era, now here we are in the inclusivity era, and it's race, it's age, it's gender, it's size."

Graham, who just published a memoir on body confidence, also hinted that she might come out with her own line of stylish clothing for curvy women: "I'm ready to come out with a line of clothes that's affordable, that's for all sizes. The beauty of being a curvier girl is that we're all shaped so differently."

We are 100 percent on board for an Ashley Graham clothing line!

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