She's not bad, she's just drawn that way.


When it comes to celebrity costumes this Halloween, 2019 may be the biggest year yet. From Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi going as her mom for the holiday to Demi Lovato rocking an ornate Marie Antoinette look, we're all going to have to step our game up next year.

Ashley Graham, however, waited until the last moment to debut her costume, likely in a bid to keep us all from having a total meltdown over how amazing it is. The model chose a simple, familiar character we've all seen before: Who Framed Roger Rabbit's Jessica Rabbit. The flame-haired singer is clad in a curve-hugging, sparkling strapless red dress and arm-length purple gloves – you know the character.

But you haven't seen Ashley's stunning take on her yet.

This new, sizzling iteration of Jessica came to life as a very pregnant Graham shimmied into a sexy red latex dress. She opted for crystal-studded purple latex gloves that rose over her elbows for a fun, contrasting look, just like the cartoon Jessica's.

For the cherry on top, she sported a flame-red wig, styled by Justine Marjan. Incidentally, Marjan also helped get her gloves on all the way. Her makeup was the work of Ash K Holm, with a vinyl-like red lip to match her eye-catching dress. Her choice of footwear? Sneakers, of course, but make it fashion!

"Macho Man knocked up Jessica Rabbit for Halloween," she captioned her series of photos, referring to husband Justin Ervin's hilariously accurate "Macho Man" Randy Savage costume.

But you may be wondering, as tight as her dress is, how did she actually get into it? Fans commented left and right on Graham's photos asking the same question, prompting the model to reply: "BABY POWDER." The expectant mother will likely have plenty of that on hand once baby number one arrives.

Recently, Ashley took to Instagram to share a look at what's underneath the latex dress as she showed off both her pregnant belly, stretch marks and all.

"Getting bigger and bigger and trying to embrace my new body everyday," she wrote. It’s a journey and I’m so thankful to have such a supportive community." It looks like she's embracing her journey wholeheartedly, since she's absolutely feeling herself in her Halloween look.

Graham announced that she's expecting her first child with Ervin back in August with a sweet clip on Instagram.

"Nine years ago today, I married the love of my life. It has been the best journey with my favorite person in the world! Today, we are feeling so blessed, grateful and excited to celebrate with our GROWING FAMILY! Happy anniversary, @mrjustinervin ❤ Life is about to get even better. 😘"

We can't wait to see what Ashley decides to dress up as next year with her first child in tow. We're expecting some very cute mother-and-child matching costumes!