Ashlee Simpson's Hair Is "Pumpkin Pink"

Fall, y'all.

If you're looking for some very specific seasonal hair inspiration, look no further than Ashlee Simpson's latest color transformation. Courtesy of celebrity stylist Riawna Capri, Simpson's brand-new hue is not quite pink and not quite orange, it's a perfect-for-the-season combo of both that Capri's calling "pumpkin pink."

Capri posted a snapshot of the color on her Instagram, along with a how-to in case anyone wants to take the inspo straight to their stylist. While "pumpkin pink" may suggest oranges, Capri describes is more like a smoky shade of pink, noting that Simpson looks great in red and coppery colors, so she added those warmer shades to this new combo.

"Ashlee looks amazing in all shades of reds and coppers," Capri told HelloGiggles. "It's no surprise that she looks absolutely incredible with this smoky shade of rose! I call it pumpkin pink."

HelloGiggles also adds that the change was a quick on. Capri explained that since Simpson was already platinum blonde, the transformation only took 20 minutes. For anyone with a similar base, it should be quick and painless to achieve something similar. For darker-haired folk, it'll take a little more time and effort.

Simpson is no stranger to swings in her hair color. She's been dark (see: the "Pieces of Me" era), red (in 2008 and 2009), and most recently, an icy blonde. Knowing that pumpkin anything seems to capture everyone's attention this time of year, it was only a matter of time before the seasonal sensation hit the colorist's chair.

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