By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Mar 01, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
Armie Hammer Lead
Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

They say you should never get a new or intense facial the day before an important event in case of adverse reactions, but no one ever said anything about staying away from fascia scraping. Armie Hammer took to Instagram to share a tidbit of his Oscars beauty prep, and it’s probably the most bizarre thing you’ll see today—if you’re unfamiliar with the treatment, that is.

A video posted to the actor's feed features him lying on what appears to be a massage table, while a massage therapist or spa professional scrubs his chest with a small hand-held tool. "Pain is beauty.... #freethenipple #fasciascraping," he captioned the post.

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After some research based on his hashtag, the Call Me By Your Name actor was probably getting what's known as a scraping massage, or Gua sha. According to the Yinova Center, it's described as a Chinese medicine massage technique performed with a rounded-edge instrument that is meant to relieve pain and tension, break up scar tissue and connective tissue, and improve circulation.

It's by far the most unusual pre-Oscars beauty treatment we've seen from celebrities this year, but we're still a few days away. That gives Hollywood plenty of time to bust out those Vampire Facial selfies.