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Anna Hecht
Feb 04, 2016 @ 5:15 pm

Ariel Winter stepped out in a major way for her 18th birthday. Donning a bedazzled bodysuit by fashion designer Charbel Zoe—yes, the kind that requires Queen Beyoncé confidence—the Modern Family starlet's birthday getup was an unexpected surprise, considering her typically more conservative dress. Taking to Instagram Wednesday, Winter showed off her snazzy "birthday outfit"—complete with sky high heels.


One look at Winter's daring Insta pic and it's clear her confidence is through the roof since having her breast reduction surgery last summer. In fact, following her appearance at the SAG Awards on Saturday, Winter took to Twitter and confidently addressed fans about her decision to let her scars from the operation show on the red carpet.

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The actress went on to tweet out a cheery message, thanking fans for their support and birthday wishes. Considering Ariel's just barely begun "adulting," we'd say the now-18-year-old's been hitting all the right notes in the name of body confidence. More power to you, Ariel!

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