Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams have been Instagram official for less than two weeks, but Ariel Winter is already talking about planning a double date with her on-screen sister.

"That would be pretty fun," Winter told Entertainment Tonight at the celebration of Modern Family's 200th episode on Wednesday. "I'd love it."

Fun is right, but speaking with People, Hyland said she's in no rush to introduce the Bachelorette alum to her television family. "These people have become my real-life family. It's almost like, you gotta," Hyland, 26 said. "Like, for guys, you have to meet the parents, which is stressful. But then I think the more stressful thing is to meet the second family, which is not only the Dunphy family but the entire cast, and the entire crew and all of our writers, and everybody that's involved."

Winter, 19, who recently celebrated her one year anniversary with boyfriend, Levi Meaden, has already been through all of that. Fresh off a celebratory Instagram love fest, the young actress couldn't help but gush about her leading man.

"I knew there was something about him from the moment I met him, honestly," she told ET of her actor boyfriend. "It was like I met him, and I thought to myself, 'I don't know what it is, but there's something about him that's so interesting and maybe it will be nothing and maybe it will be something. But there's something here.' It turns out, it was a big something."

Ladies, if you do end up pulling off that double date, all we ask is that you please document it on Instagram. Thanks!