Ariel Winter Subtly Stands Up to Haters with a Mean Girls Tank

Ariel Winter made a style statement when she stepped out for a grocery run in Studio City, Calif., on Wednesday.

The 19-year-old Modern Family actress and her actor boyfriend Levi Meaden, 30, dressed in athletic wear during the casual outing. Meaden pushed their shopping cart outside the store in a blue-gray tee, shorts, and a pair of dark blue Nike sneakers. By his side stood Winter, wearing gray leggings, black sneakers, and a white tank with a tongue-in-cheek message emblazoned across the chest: “Boo You Whore.”

Ariel Winter

At first glance, the tee simply makes a reference to our generation’s pop culture touchstone, Mean Girls.

However, the meaning of the message on the tank might be deeper considering how Winter has previously called out people who use the word "whore" to shame women.

After critics described Winter as “squeezing” into her shorts over the summer, the star penned a note to her body-shamers, writing, “I’m not a whore because I wear shorts and tank tops.”

So is Ariel giving a subtle nod to the trolls? It sure looks like it.

Haters aside, we think Ariel’s tank is *so* fetch.

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