In case you needed further proof that Ariel Winter is transforming into Kylie Jenner's twin, the Modern Family star tried out one of Jenner’s most controversial looks: bare-butt jeans.

In case you missed it, Kylie made headlines last year when she cut rips in the seat of her wedgie-fit jeans, showing off her bare buttocks in the process. So when Winter posted this Instagram photo with rips in her light-wash Levi’s jeans, we instantly recognized the resemblance.

Though the actress styled the look a bit differently—with looser-fit jeans and a tight white crop top—the similarities are hard to ignore.


If you dare try this look for yourself, pick up a pair of light-wash Levi's, like these from Bloomingdales ($98;, and cut rips just below the pockets for your own cheeky makeover.

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Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time the actress has channeled Jenner in her snaps. From cheeky bikini selfies to even rocking the same exact dress, the resemblance is often uncanny. Plus, Caitlyn Jenner herself has even called Winter her “second daughter,” which is funny because she already has three (and six including the Kardashian sisters).

Maybe Ariel Winter is really a long-lost Jenner sister. Hey, she even has the raven-colored hair.