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On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk, Jr. will cross the country to visit the remaining four contestants’ hometowns and meet his potential in-laws-to-be. At the end of the night, one suitress will say goodbye. But while Arie struggles to decide which of these women could be his future wife, there’s one cosmic match that quite obviously outshines the others, says astrologer Kathy Biehl.

“All four of these women have a connection with him that would feel like he’s known them a long time, so it makes sense that these are four he has singled out,” she says. “They share a natural tendency to ground him.” But only one woman appears to be a perfect match for Arie, astrologically. “There’s one couple with compatibility that is so stacked, I will not be surprised if that’s who he chooses. They are so lucky to have found each other.”

That couple is Arie and Lauren B. To understand why they fit so well together, Biehl says, there’s something you need to understand about Arie: “He is a Virgo, with his moon in Taurus. He’s this really balanced blend of roundedness and practicality, salt of the earth, sensuality, and a little bit of showiness, a private streak, and surprising depths,” she says. “So he would be attracted to someone that would meet him in all of those regards.”

Biehl broke down what each remaining contestant offers Arie and what the stars have to say about their unique relationships:

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Born August 11

“Tia is a Leo—and she’s a real mega-Leo. So she’s got the confidence and the warm personality that Arie would be attracted to (because his Mars, which is your sex drive and, is in Leo). That’s the main thing that she’s got going for her,” Biehl says of the Weiner, AR, native. “She’s enough like him that they could communicate easily, and the way they approach life would be pretty similar.”

Tia, says Biehl, is a perfectly adequate match for Arie. “If he goes with Tia, it’s going to be because he’s attracted to her confidence and flare, warmth and fire. She has a keen, analytical mind, which is something a Virgo appreciates, but she also has the groundedness.” That said, adds Biehl, “I still think there are better matches.”

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Born August 17

“Kendall is also a Leo. She doesn’t have quite the Leo connection with Arie that Tia has, but both of these women can have a star power to them and that would be appealing to him,” says Biehl.

If one half of this couple is more smitten, says Biehl, it’s likely Kendall. Arie, she says, represents “her inner concept of who the perfect man is. He carries a lot of that energy for her so, you know, a guy would react well to that if he knows a woman is actually like, ‘Whoa, you’re perfect.’”

But that doesn’t mean he’s actually the perfect man for her. “Kendall is wired differently on the inside. She’s much more of an adventurer, which you’d think is odd given he was a racecar driver, but she has much more of a questing spirit. He’s more calculated and practical in his approach to life,” she says. Whereas Kendall? “She’s got the heart of a gypsy.” After all, this is the California girl who collects taxidermy and ate worms on her group date in the woods with Arie. She’s up for anything.

Becca K.
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Born April 3

“Becca is an Aries. Aries are go-getters, self-starters, but she has a softness and either a very nurturing or a warm inner core,” says Biehl of the 27-year-old publicist from Prior Lake, Minnesota. “She has an intensity that he carries, and she’s got a much more friend-like approach to everything, which is interesting. Becca, like Kendall, does need some breathing room. And Arie has the need for attention, which she can deliver.”

All this, Biehl says, makes Becca and Arie a pretty stellar match, making her a strong competitor for his heart. “I could see why he might choose her, although I think he has a more private side to him than she has, and that’s actually true of all of these women so far. She might just be a little too boisterous—whereas the combo is there for Lauren.”

Lauren B.
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Born November 20

The karmic attraction between Lauren and Arie is astonishing, Biehl says. “Lauren is a Scorpio, and she has a pileup of planets in Scorpio, so she’s private, she’s got the depth, she’s got the personal power, though Scorpios can be very careful about how they use their power. They can be much quieter about it.”

We’ve definitely observed Lauren’s guarded nature throughout the season, as Arie struggled to get to know her at first. “Scorpios are inherently private people, and they can be extremely careful about showing their cards. She’s deep and quiet as she watches and gathers,” explained Biehl. That almost swayed Arie to send Lauren home, but ultimately, Biehl says, “He respects privacy.”

And it’s a good thing Arie was patient, Biehl says, because Lauren embodies the qualities he would envision in his “ideal partner.” “But she also holds the energy of what he needs emotionally. Their inner emotional needs, what they need to feel safe and secure, are very similar.”

Of course, no romance is without its challenges. “While Arie could have the key to unlock her privacy, there might be a limit to this—he could get bored of it when he finds out what’s in there,” warns Biehl. “Except there are other things in their charts that indicate they just fundamentally operate in similar ways.”

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The verdict? “If he chooses her this could be a long-term relationship.”

The Bachelor is on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.