By Isabel Jones
Updated Jan 14, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
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Ariana Grande has a new tattoo. And unlike those of tattoo parlor sessions past, this one we never, ever saw coming.

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Credit: Jim Spellman/Getty Images

The Sweetener songstress’s new ink was inspired by what she did on Saturday, which, according to Twitter, was play Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! on her Nintendo Switch. For 15 hours.

And OK, if that’s all you want to do today now, you’re not alone — that sounds like an ideal day, and also like a Nintendo sponsorship in the making (Get that Pokémon $$$$, Ari!). But real talk, Grande actually channeled her love of the franchise’s adorable fox-like creature into something that will last forever (or at least until she decides to cover it up), a detailed Eevee etching on her upper arm.

Ariana Grande Tattoo Embed
Credit: Instagram/arianagrande

I am both horrified and very eager to see the “sick ink” of my generation in retirement homes around the world 50 years from now. Save me and my Lisa Frank tatt a spot in the shuffleboard championship!