Like Us, Ariana Grande Also Belts Out Spice Girls Songs in the Bathroom

You’re definitely not the only one who sings in the bathroom.

On Tuesday, Ariana Grande offered a kind reminder that when an iconic tune is stuck in your head, there’s only one thing to do: sing. The 24-year-old pop diva took to Instagram to share a memorable video of herself singing in the bathroom. In the black and white clip, Grande wore an oversize zip-up sweater and held her iPhone in one hand while using the other to dance.

Most importantly, though, Grande sang the Spice Girls’s unforgettable “Say You’ll Be There,” and masterfully made it sound like the classic it is. She may have forgotten certain lyrics, but she called herself out in the caption, so it's all good. “#ForgotTheBridge,” she wrote, adding that she misses a “good harmonica solo.”

She later took to the social media platform to offer a clip from her performance in Seoul, South Korea, where thousands gathered for a stop on her Dangerous Woman Tour.

Recently, she also seriously impressed us with a years-old throwback clip of her and a group of friends recreating unforgettable scenes from Mean Girls.

Keep the TBTs coming, Ariana.

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