Ariana Grande makeup artist lead
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We're just as impressed with Ariana Grande's makeup as we are with her vocal range. That's why we chatted up her pro Daniel Chinchilla (who is currently touring with Grande) to get the intel on just how to nail a flawless complexion---and make it last.

It's All About That Base
“Skincare is such a major part of a great makeup look," says Chinchilla. "Dehydrated skin equals dry, flakey makeup." So before any color goes on the face, "I like to apply a thick cream," says Chinchilla, whose favorite is Embryolisse rich moisturizing cream ($44; so makeup glides on and looks smooth. Priming is the next important step (try Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer, $42; "It creates this barrier between skin and makeup and it’ll prevent makeup from entering and disappearing into pores. It allows for the foundation to look much smoother and last way longer."

Use The Right Tools
"I’m obsessed with the Beauty Blender ($20;," says Chinchila. "It doesn’t absorb too much makeup." Once the sponge is coated in foundation, "I like to stipple on the base. Sometimes people swipe and smear foundation over the face, but really, you’re just moving it around and taking it off. Stippling gives instant coverage placed right where you want it." After you put on a light layer, "stipple more where needed so it doesn’t look too heavy."

Seal the Deal
“Finish with a dusting of translucent powder; it makes your foundation budge-proof," says Chinchilla. "I think the Laura Mercier loose powder ($37; is amazing- its so light and it doesn’t change your foundation color." For this, grab a small flat powder brush. You can try Chinchilla's favorite from Stila ($50; and use it to "press the powder onto the skin. That way it doesn't move the foundation around." With this method, you can go hours without any touch-ups.

Ariana Grande Makeup artist kit
Credit: Instagram/beautybydchinchilla