By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jul 18, 2018 @ 5:15 pm
John Shearer/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter

If Pete Davidson went platinum to copy his fiancé, it looks like he's going to have to pick up some purple hair dye—stat. Ariana Grande now has lavender hair.

The singer documented her new hair color the same way we all give the world a head's up that we made a big change—she put it on Instagram. Based on her tags, it appears that celebrity hairstylist Josh Liu was responsible for the dye job.

The surprising pastel tint isn't her most drastic hair change, though. That probably goes to when she went blonde in the first place. Grande went purple once before, but it was a wig with blunt bangs, so clearly she's a fan of the look.

She was also spotted wearing the look as she was leaving her New York City apartment.

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Despite changing the color of her hair, Ariana Grande kept her length the same. Instead of debuting the hair color in her signature style—a high ponytail—she left her hair long, sleek, and super straight.

Could this be a glimpse of her wedding day hair choice? Only time (and maybe Pete Davidson) will tell.