The State of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's Wedding Plans Hinted at Their Breakup

Ever since Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson shattered hearts everywhere by ending their engagement, we’ve been trying to piece together what exactly went wrong between the two lovebirds. With their PDA-filled Instagram posts, matching tattoos, and adorable pet pig, the pair surely seemed destined to be together forever. However, according to TMZ, their picture-perfect engagement was actually very “hollow."

TMZ reports Ariana and Pete “seemed to know marriage wasn’t in their cards after they got engaged” because they never made any plans to prepare for a future wedding. In June, Ariana and Pete sealed their relationship with a $100,000 engagement ring, but in the months to follow they showed no signs that they were headed to the altar. According to the source, Grande hadn't started dress shopping and the couple hadn't even set a date or venue for the ceremony.

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Given how quickly their relationship progressed, it’s kind of shocking that the couple didn’t so much as plan even one detail for their big day. The outlet reports that the only real discussion of the wedding was between Ariana and her mother but “that’s all it was ... talk."

Since ending their heavily publicized engagement, the couple have been doing their best to move on — the ring has been given back, tattoos have been covered, and Pete’s already in search for a new roommate. While some sources have speculated that the a reconciliation could be in the pair’s future, time will only tell.

Let’s just hope for Piggy Smallz’s sake that Pete and Ariana do decide to work it out.

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