By Jonathan Borge
Jun 27, 2018 @ 1:30 pm

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's fast-track romance raised a few eyebrows after they announced their engagement one month into their courtship (reportedly shacking up in a $16 million New York City apartment in the process), and it seems like people would rather speak now than forever hold their peace when it comes to how the couple is flaunting their love.

Not that he’d be invited to their wedding, but Seth Rogen would be among the crowd telling the 24-year-olds to um, cool it. Last week, Rogen wrote, “Guys seriously” on an image Davidson shared of Grande in lingerie (Grande commented, “I love you,” and Davidson replied, “I love u more tho”).

Like a lot of people on the internet, the actor is fed up with the incredibly exhausting Grandison (their portmanteau, according to us) social media PDA. And we get it. They can’t physically let go of each other on the street (evidence below), and Grande’s so pleased with her man she even tweeted about his 10-inch eggplant (read: not an actual eggplant), something that sparked many, many conversations about the SNL star’s BDE—for the uninformed, that's Big Dick Energy.

But look. It’s not our job to tell Grande and Davidson who they can or cannot love, much less criticize the authenticity of their relationship or determine the frequency at which they can boast about each other online. There’s a mute button for that. It is our job, though, to bring you up to speed with what they’re up to.

In honor of that, here are their cheesiest, eye roll-inducing moments to date.

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That time they dressed up as Harry Potter Characters. And his “I Love You" hat.

And her comment, “u tryna slytherin (I’m deleting my account now).”

Their in-depth discussions of the children's series. 

Also, when she named a song after him. 

It has a brilliant title: “Pete.”

They also belted out Beyoncé and Evanescence (!) hits at karaoke together for her 25th birthday party.

She made an effort to be the first to comment on one of his photos.

And then she rubbed it in, sharing the original video from which he took a screenshot.

He literally calls her a queen and a "treasure."

And she wrote back that he's "the best person on earth.”

She included him in the recording process of Sweetener, her upcoming album. 

They uh, got tattoos together (!).

He declared she's "my favorite person that ever existed,” because we're all back in high school now? 

They played, "I love you"/"I love you more" in the comments section.

We feel you, Seth Rogen.

Their PDA is off the rails.  

And flaunting the engagement ring.

Um, whatever this kinky lollipop stare is. 

Gotham/GC Images

Seriously are they ever photographed not holding hands. 

Robert Kamau/GC Images

He won't shut up about her performances. 

Okay, we get this one. 


They started using the word "lit." (Self-explanatory.)

Again with the PDA, guys. 

They posted a sappy dancing video together. 

They were caught making out at Starbucks. 

It really doesn't get more high school than that.

Literally. Every. Caption. Is. About. Pete.

And finally, that time Ariana wrote this: "I thought you into my life." 

Mazel tov, Grandison.