Welcome to The Fault in Our Stars' Stars, a recurring column wherein we dig into the astrological compatbility — or lack thereof — of your favorite celebrity couples.

By Sam Reed
Updated Oct 26, 2018 @ 9:30 am
Ariana Grande Pete Davidson
Credit: Photo Illustration. Photo: Getty Images

Regardless of where you stand on astrology, you've got to admit: It's nice to chalk up fate to the stars every once in a while. Feeling off? Mercury's in retrograde! Your S.O. is in a mood? Mercury is definitely in retrograde. Literally all of 2018? Mercury. Is. In. Retrograde.

But there's more to astrology than a handy catchall excuse for all the world's ails. As it turns out, you can assess the compatibility of any two people using their star signs, and while it's not a Core Curriculum-approved science, as the New York Times pointed out, there is a science to sussing it all out.

That said, in the past few years, our culture's obsession with the zodiac has moved beyond checking your horoscope once a week in the paper (it's also moved beyond a weekly paper, but I digress) and plunged headfirst into the internet, with everything you ever wanted to know about your astrological outlook summed up in dedicated apps, social media and memes.

Enter the Instagram account @notallgeminis, run by the hilarious Courtney Perkins. The account is the perfect marriage of internet memes and astrological realness, often reading each sign's qualities and characteristics with what feels like freakish accuracy. Naturally, Perkins was the perfect person to consult on the very important matter of celebrity relationship compatibility.

Here, InStyle and Perkins break down of the gloriously juicy relationship that was (and maybe still is?) Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande.

The couple:

SNL star Pete Davidson, 24, and international pop superstar Ariana Grande, 25. They officially sparked lightning-fast engagement season in June of 2018 when they revealed that they were engaged after just one month of dating.

His Sign:

Cancer: "Prone to giving their all, they typically rush headlong into commitment," reads Compatible Astrology's site. So yeah, the whole super quick engagement and buying a place together thing (after 5 months, no less) totally checks out.

Her sign:

Scorpio: "The fact is that (if treated well) Scorpios are among the most genuine and loyal partners of any sign," according to the site. "And also among the most nurturing."

The Relationship:

Simply put: It's a hot mess back and forth emotional rollercoaster. Just five months after announcing their engagement, Grande and Davidson split up. Though it looked like things were really over when Ariana stepped out sans engagement ring and with her "pete" ring finger tattoo covered up by a band-aid, there's chatter that they haven't given up on the relationship completely. A source tells People that the idea of reconciliation might not be totally off the table, citing the couple's "unpredictable" history. (They're not wrong there.)

But it turns out, there tumultuous relationship may have been spelled out in the stars.

The Compatibility Breakdown

"Cancer and Scorpio can be an amazing match because it’s so passionate," Perkins tells InStyle. "They’re extremely intuitive and tend to thrive on assured commitment (hello, engagement two weeks in). Two water signs together guarantee a deep, emotional bond, but also sometimes drown when things get too intense without a foundation to fall back on."

She continues that their two passionate signs may have created the perfect storm for their demise. "Cancer can be clingy and temperamental, while Scorpio is prone to bouts of jealousy and possessiveness (EIGHT tattoos?). I think it’s safe to say they had an draining few months."

In sum: When it's good for Scorpio and Cancer, it's really good — but when it's bad? You don't want to be standing nearby for the fallout.