Ariana Grande Curls
Credit: Kurt Krieger - Corbis/Getty Images

Ariana Grande's high ponytail is practically her fifth limb. She loves her signature look so much, that she's rarely ever seen without some sort of pony — whether it's of the low or bubble variety. The singer's ponytail has become a celebrity in its own right, whenever Grande is in the mood to break free (get it?) from the style, fans freak the hell out.

This time, Grande has let her hair down (literally) for a much-needed color and cut session ahead of her Sweetener world tour. Just a week before her first show, the singer debuted new honey blonde highlights and natural curly bob on Sunday night in a now-deleted Instagram Story. (Luckily an Instagram fan account has uploaded it. #bless.)

In the video, Grande sings "You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it" from her song 7 Rings while showing off her visibly lighter hair color and curls. She's also holding up a bundle of hair extensions to poke fun of the fact that she relies on them to make her signature ponytail longer.

Although Grande's played with a ton of hair colors — from platinum blonde to lavender — this is the first time her hair's been light brown in years. The color change comes after Grande tweeted that her natural curls were "tarnished" from going platinum last year.

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As for whether this look will show up to the Sweetener tour, fans will find out when it kicks off in six days.