By Alicia Brunker
Sep 01, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

Ariana Grande stirred up all kinds of emotions during her fiery rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman” at the late singer’s eight-hour funeral service

While many lauded the 25-year-old’s vocal ability, others were distracted by her outfit. Grande arrived at the ceremony with her soon-to-be husband, Pete Davidson, wearing a sleeveless black minidress with a mesh panel at her chest. 


She paired the head-turning ensemble with a diamond choker, winged eyeliner, towering stilettos, and her signature high ponytail. 

Following her time on stage, in which she experienced an awkward moment with bishop Charles H. Ellis III, the internet went into a frenzy about what they deemed to be inappropriate church attire.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

“Ariana Grande’s ponytail is longer than her dress,” wrote one critic. Another added: “Ariana Grande needs to fire her stylist, you don’t dress like that at a funeral.”

One commenter went as far to suggest that the hemline of her dress was merely classless. “Like, I get it, you're Ariana Grande but you're at the FUNERAL FOR THE QUEEN. HAVE SOME CLASS. You know every auntie in there is ready to tell her that her hair is longer than her damn dress,” they tweeted.

However, a few came to the pop star’s defense. “Ariana Grande did a great job singing. Aretha loved her. And the Lord knows she ain't the first one to wear a short dress to a funeral,” one fan pointed out. 

Whether you agree with Ariana’s dress length or not, let’s not forget that the day was about honoring the Queen of Soul and nothing else.