By Victoria Moorhouse
Oct 30, 2017 @ 10:15 am

Cutting bangs in general is a nerve-racking ordeal, and it only gets scarier as you cut them shorter and shorter. Side-swept bangs are no big deal—you can blend those babies into the shorter layers of your hair. But those super chic mini bangs? Those take bravery, and Ariana Grande clearly had enough of it to give the micro-fringe trend a try.

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Pulling off the look you’ve always wanted, Ariana Grande revealed her updated haircut on Instagram, only weeks after debuting a shocking silver hair color. Both her cut and color were courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, the man who took Kim Kardashian West platinum. Ariana Grande’s micro bangs are a far cry from the blunt, eyebrow-grazing style she’s been known to rock in the past. These look thinner and piece-y, and like they were cut into on an angle with scissors.

Could this be another clue that Ariana Grande is retiring her signature high ponytail? Time, and obviously Instagram, can only tell.