She makes a great wingwoman.


It helps to have friends with connections and, according to E! News, Ariana Grande is a dangerous woman with some very good ones. The singer's friend, Courtney, got a hand on Twitter when Grande posted a message to A$AP Rocky in the wake of his sex tape leak. When he tweeted about it, joking that he was reacting on behalf of his penis, she wrote, "My friend Courtney said it looked just fine!" and tagged Courtney. Grande offered up her friend's Instagram handle and now, it's up to the couple to take the next steps.

Grande followed up her introductory tweet with a sweet message to Courtney, writing, "Merry Christmas Courtney." 'Tis the season. There's no news on whether or not Courtney followed through, though not taking advantage of an assist from Ariana Grande would be a missed opportunity for anyone. A$AP Rocky hasn't responded to the messages outright, though when it comes to DMs, followers never can tell.

Ariana Grande
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Some of Grande's famous friends chimed in, too. E! added that YouTube beauty guru James Charles let his followers know that Grande is "the best wingwoman in the world." With her very public messages to A$AP, there's no doubting that now.

Grande even took some time to comment on Twitter after followers commended her for helping out a friend. Ring emoji, heart emoji, and "I love you"s were spread all around. As for A$AP, he's just joking about the whole thing.