This Baby Got So Emotional Watching Ariana Grande Sing at the Manchester Benefit Concert

Photo: Getty

Earlier this week, Ariana Grande paid tribute to the victims of the Manchester tragedy in her One Love Manchester benefit concert. Her message was to spread love over hatred and it seems that her call reached even the teeny tiniest listeners.

In a sweet Instagram post, Grande shared a video of a young baby reacting to her performance at the concert. As Grande sings on a screen in the background, the little fan seems to fight back emotions while watching her with a shaky upper lip and watery eyes.

The baby's reaction was one of many emotional displays that stemmed from the evening. Even the "Side by Side" singer herself had to hold back tears as she began her set during the poignant night of performances.

It goes to show that whether you're an adult or a small baby, the message of love that Grande is spreading resonates.

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