Are you even thinking about Halloween?


Is it too early to be thinking about Halloween? For Ariana Grande, it's not, but the usually fun-filled holiday got a little controversial when she made an off-color joke on Instagram. Cosmopolitan reports that Grande's friend, Doug Middlebrook, posted an image of tabloid covers to his account, noting that JonBenét Ramsey continues to get coverage, 23 years after her death.

"No one has ever done more covers," he wrote.

Ariana commented, "I can't WAIT for this to be your Halloween look," alongside a black heart emoji. Middlebrook then responded that he's "working on it [his costume] already."

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Followers found the whole situation to be in poor taste, even though Grande was clearly joking. Ramsey was killed in 1996. To this day, her case hasn't been solved and manages to get coverage from supermarket tabloids, true-crime podcasts, and, now, pop star-adjacent social media users. Grande deleted the comment, but it was captured by savvy IG users.

Fans are calling for an official apology, with many saying that Grande's apology was too late (she claimed to have deleted it "very quickly") and only because she was getting called out on social media. In a tweet, Grande said that her comment was "out of pocket" and offered a simple apology.

Celebrities seem to have questionable Halloween costumes on lock every year. In the past, stars managed to spark outrage with their choices, like when Ashley Benson dressed as a sexy Cecil the Lion and Heidi Klum celebrated as a Hindu goddess. In 2012, Chris Brown dressed up as a "terrorist." Chrissy Teigen dressed as a Native American and Hilary Duff wore a pilgrim costume to "match" with then-boyfriend Jason Walsh's Native American costume. Grande's pal Middlebrook could be joining their ranks, though after the criticism his friend had to endure, he should probably re-think the whole JonBenét costume idea.