Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Ariana Grande's Halloween costume this year is one of her most exciting looks yet, especially if you're a Twilight Zone fan.

First, Ari's costume reveal was decidedly wild, off-the-charts cool – complete with a fun "grindhouse" theme that keeps her look in the shadows, just enough to tease.

The singer paired dramatic shots in the darkness with snippets from The Twilight Zone narrator Rod Serling for a totally compelling preview for what we were about to see.

After the spooky Twilight Zone reference-laden tease, Ari posted an up close and personal look at her costume. The grotesque face is a spot-on recreation of one of the faces on a nurse seen in the episode "Eye of the Beholder" (1960).

Ariana paired her twisted rendition of the Twilight Zone episode, where a woman undergoes an operation to be "beautiful," only for it to be revealed that beauty for this particular group of people means looking like, well, what Ari has going on here.

Over the last week, the singer had been teasing her upcoming costume reveal by posting clips from The Twilight Zone, specifically the episode from where her costume originates. The payoff was absolutely worth it, if you ask us.

This chilling costume is a fun departure from Ari's typically glam image, and a fun way for the singer to celebrate the holiday. She's said in the past that Halloween is her favorite holiday to celebrate, however, so it's no surprise that she'd go all-out with fun and creepy looks to give it her best. This is hardly the first time she's rocked a chilling outfit, though.

Last year she dressed up as a vampiric Eevee (her favorite Pokémon) who had apparently just chowed down on an Pikachu. That was just one of her looks.

Some time before that, she showed off a glam ghoul look, combining cute peekaboo vampire teeth with a fun pose.

This creative take on the classic Twilight Zone look may very well be our favorite, though. She's probably already got something brewing for next Halloween, too – though will she be able to top this look?