Ariana Grande Showed Off Her Natural Hair

And there's no ponytail in sight.

Quarantine is making people consider trimming their bangs, cutting their hair, and embracing their roots, but for someone like Ariana Grande, who has a look she sticks to no matter what, it looks like the social distancing and self-isolation is bringing out her natural texture. In a tweet, she let all her followers see her curls, a stark contrast to the usually stick-straight ponytail that she wears on and off stage.

In the photo, the curls are thick and glamorous and she paired the hairstyle with thick cat-eye liner and nude lipstick.

"Get a load a dis," she wrote.

Grande's mother, Joan Grande, confirmed that Grande's look was natural. In a comment to her daughter's post, she wrote, "Your natural hair / curls is a world of its own ... a magnificent beauty you are inside and out/ made up or natural ... I love you ..."

The last time Grande showed off her natural hair was back in August, when stylist Josh Liu shared a photo of her lying in bed with wet hair. He captioned the shot, "Natural curls coming in strong with a little tlc."

Back then, fans applauded the natural style and it looks like things are the same this time around, with comments on the curls ranging from "stunning" to "truly flourishing" and "natural beauty."

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