Some things take time.


Back during the Grammy Awards in January, Ariana Grande gave fans a peek at a brand-new tattoo. The delicate, single-needle butterfly tattoo is on her arm and while it was slightly obscured by her opera-length gloves, the night included plenty of costume changes and a few closer looks at her ink. However, in a new Instagram post, Grande showed that the Grammys butterfly outline was just the beginning of something new. Not only did the simple butterfly transform into a micro-realistic design, it got a friend.

Grande's post showed two butterflies on her arm, both more detailed and intricate than anything she had before. She captioned the photo "four days #stuckwithu," promoting her upcoming collaboration with Justin Bieber.

Grande hasn't mentioned the significance of the butterflies or which tattoo artist (or artists) had the honor of giving her the new additions. She's no stranger to ink, having made headlines before for her choice of art and her decision to change the pieces she already has. Before the butterfly debut, Grande showed off her tattoo of the Pokémon character Eevee on January 14, done by artist Kane Navasard. "I've wanted this for so long," Grande wrote on Instagram.