Ariana Grande Billboard Awards - Lead 2016
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Some women treat themselves to a new outfit to celebrate their birthday, but if you’re Ariana Grande you update your signature hairstyle. The singer may be synonymous with a classic high ponytail, but a special occasion such as Grande’s 23rd birthday yesterday calls for a special upgrade. Grande’s hairstylist Chris Appleton added some heavy metal accents and twists at her crown that made for an out of this world pony.

“Alien birthday princess space pony,” she captioned the Instagram snap that channeled her intergalactic beauty look from her “Break Free” music video.

Although there’s been much speculation about why Grande is rarely seen without the updo and what secrets she made be hiding in her pony, it turns out the style is easy solution to hide the damage from over-coloring her hair. In 2014, Grande explained on Facebook that the bi-weekly bleaching required for her role as Cat on Sam & Cat did a number on her strands. That’s not to say she doesn’t let her hair down every once and awhile. In March, Grande surprised her fans by wearing her long brown mane down with loose curls in her “Dangerous Woman” music video.

There’s no better way to compliment a hair update than with a new lipstick shade. Luckily, Grande now has a few options to choose from. Kylie Jenner sent her a birthday care package of practically the entire Lip Kit collection to play with—even Kymajesty, a metallic gunmetal shade.

Grande shared that her favorite shades are Mary Jo K, a classic red and Candy K, a warm nude. Both shades may currently be sold out, but when it’s your birthday, you should be exempt from waiting for restocks.