By Jane Asher
Oct 31, 2016 @ 3:30 pm

For a dangerous woman, Ariana Grande scares pretty easily.

Ellen DeGeneres sent Grande and The Ellen Show's executive producer Andy Lassner to the American Horror Story Maze at Universal Studios Horror Nights for our viewing pleasure and their collective heart attacks. "I've been waiting for this moment a long, long time," DeGeneres said, introducing the clip in an amazing Sia costume.

Lassner and Grande walked through the maze of dusty, abandoned bedrooms, spooky hallways, and a creepy circus tent. "It's fine," Grande said as she started the maze, arm linked with Lassner's. "It's not that bad." Oh Ariana, we think you'll feel differently by the end of that maze.

With plenty of people jumping out from closed doors and dark windows, the surprise effect was in high gear, sending Grande falling to the ground with every heart-stopping moment. At one point, Lassner and the 23-year-old songstress became separated, and upon finding each other again, he said to Grande, "You abandoned me and that doesn't work for me," to which she exclaimed, "You ran away!"

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After finally exiting the maze, Grande looked pretty calm and collected, claiming, "That wasn't bad." Lassner on the other hand said, "I didn't love that. I'm a little nervous."

"Somewhere in there is my heart" concluded Grande, pointing into the terrifying maze. Oh Ellen, the things your fans will do for you! Congrats to Ariana and Andy for making it out alive; we're not sure we would have been able to do it.