By InStyle Staff
Updated Sep 16, 2014 @ 8:45 am

Once upon a time, an uptown type would never risk getting caught downtown. Nowadays, they openly canoodle as low as they can go, in some of the hippest spots, for Friday night eats. And now, those downtowners definitely have a habit of spending a fair share of time uptown to fulfill their luxury shopping needs. For their Fall 2014 collection, Longchamp draws inspiration from the Parisian woman who is defined by her creativity, independence, and effortless elegance. Like the uptown or downtown New Yorker, the Parisian’s style draws inspiration from the left or right bank of the Seine River. Regardless, whether you sway uptown or downtown, left bank or right bank, the latest Longchamp collection will cater to your every need.


Uptown Day Date

After traveling all week with a bag big enough for 3 outfit changes, it’s nice to travel as light as possible come the weekend. The Le Pliage Héritage wallet will carry all you need for your next afternoon outing or purchase. But then again, in an outfit like this, he’ll be the one buying.

Longchamp KC

Downtown Girls Brunch

The best kind of girl-time starts with a good meal downtown and ends with an unexpected adventure. Whether you end up uptown for some shopping, or downtown for some afternoon cocktails, Longchamp’s Le Pliage Héritage handbag employs all the right details--like the iconic flap, contrasting trim, and the removable cross-body strap.


Uptown Meeting

Finding the perfect outfit for an important meeting can be just as difficult--if not more--as finding an outfit for a first date. Leaning towards a neutral can be your best bet. However, adding a unique twist, such as the classic Le Pliage Héritage Luxe handbag in leopard, can be what leaves a lasting impression.

Longchamp Emily

Downtown Appointments

When you’re busy running from one meeting to the next, comfort is key. Although high-heels may scream proper, there’s nothing worse than that fast-walk becoming a wobble. Own your sneakers this fall by pairing them with a sleek outfit and luxe accessory such as the Longchamp Quadri Croco handbag.

Longchamp Uptown Marni

Uptown Book Break

In this busy city, we could all use a moment to recharge. Taking a break to head to the park for a little nosh, to read a few pages of your favorite book, or to watch the leaves fall, can be exactly what you need to reset your mind midday. For a perfect partner in crime, bring along the Roseau Héritage handbag.

Longchamp Lana

Downtown Spin

For others, it takes much more to set the wheels in motion--literally. The Longchamp 3D tote will be the ideal companion to bring along to that afternoon spin class. While the class fills up so much quicker than you thought possible, this bag will not.


Uptown Jetsetter

If your career requires you to head out of town at any given moment, it is crucial to own key pieces that will transition with you through any situation. A statement coat over that little black dress, complete with a classic black Le Pliage Héritage wallet, is a fool-proof solution.

Longchamp Marni

Downtown City Hopper

Flying by the seat of your pants is a skill that cannot be taught. But practice sure makes perfect. Grab your favorite sunnies, a Le Pliage Héritage zip-wallet, and head out the door in whatever city you find yourself in next.