Are You and Your Friends #SoInStyle? Let Us Know on Social Media

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Here at InStyle, it's no secret that we love our readers, which is why we've created the hashtag #SoInStyle that you can use to get our attention and compliment your friends.

Why #SoInStyle? To get some insight on our relationship with our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat streams, InStyle recently conducted a study of 1,000 women ages 18-49 to learn how social media fits into our lives and really makes us feel. Long story short, here's what we learned: We’re all addicted to social media, with 95 percent of us finding time during the day to scroll through our feeds. And the thing we’re looking for most? Compliments. Of those surveyed, 89 percent said that getting a “like” on social media feels like a compliment, while 82 percent said compliments on social media improve their self-esteem.

We also found that those feel-good vibes have a domino effect: The majority of women said that after receiving a social media compliment they are motivated to post more compliments on others’ feeds. This practice, whether in the form of complimenting a friend’s outfit in an Instagram post or tweeting something positive about your colleague’s accomplishments, may seem casual at first, but the effect is lasting. A whopping 75 percent concluded that social media has strengthened their personal relationships.

#SoInStyle was dreamed up with compliments in mind—and we're challenging you, our readers, to post your own snaps with the tag and encourage your friends via social media. For inspiration, check out some of our most recent Readers of the Week, then snap your #OOTD and let the world know that you are #SoInStyle. We just might feature your photo!

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