Are Tiger Nuts the Next Big Healthy Food Trend?

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Recently, a mysterious package arrived at the InStyle office containing a bag of something called “tiger nuts.” After a quick Google search and thorough taste test, it was discovered that these tiger nuts are not, in fact, nuts. They’re actually tubers, like sweet potatoes or radishes, and have a slightly saccharine taste, making them an excellent healthy snack to quell any attack of mid-afternoon munchies.

For that reason, Brooklyn, N.Y.C.-based company Organic Gemini created a series of products around the food item, including a collection of flavored horchata beverages (like matcha and chai, $42;, gluten-free flour ($14;, and granola ($9; “This ancient superfood is extremely high in fiber: one ounce has 40 percent of our daily recommended fiber,” explains Mariam Kinkladze, the founder of Organic Gemini. “Tiger nuts are the No. 1 source of resistant starch, a prebiotic fiber that resists digestion and becomes the fuel for our probiotic bacteria. By nourishing our gut bacteria, tiger nuts help ensure a strong immune system.” They're also popular for their weight-loss and anti-aging benefits, she adds, and have as much iron as red meat and spinach, and as much potassium as coconut water.

Why Tigernuts Are the Hot New Food Trend

Health guru Dr. Oz used the superfood to make a healthy smoothie, and an Oxford University study revealed that tiger nuts made up 80 percent of our ancient ancestors' diet. Intrigued? Try sprinkling the tiny root vegetable on breakfast foods, salads, or even using the flour to bread protein, like chicken.

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