There's hope yet. 


Perhaps we mourned the end of Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp’s relationship prematurely?

Last week, People confirmed that the actress and musician had ended their engagement and longtime relationship, but despite the reports, it seems Ryan has continued to wear her engagement ring.

The When Harry Met Sally star was spotted out in N.Y.C. wearing the ring last Tuesday, and sources tell the outlet she was wearing it during a special screening of Bombshell late last week as well.

Are Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp Back Together?
Credit: The Image Direct

According to People insider, the couple, who first got together in 2011, shared a “volatile relationship from the beginning.”

“They love each other, but there are disagreements which can become issues,” the source continued. One of such issues? Mellencamp’s desire for alone time. “He doesn’t mean to be gruff, but it can happen, and it’s hard to be around.”

Considering that the couple split in 2014 and reunited years later, news of an engagement circulating in 2018, we’d say there’s hope yet for a reconciliation.