Randy Holmes
Lindsay Dolak
Apr 01, 2016 @ 11:00 am

Happy April Fools' Day! Whether you're spending the day pulling fast ones on your loved ones or totally avoiding them to dodge a prank yourself, today requires some extra thought and caution. Might we suggest channeling your inner Jimmy Kimmel? The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host knows a thing or two about practical jokes and has well established himself as one of television's greatest pranksters. From celebrities to innocent children, it seems no one is safe from the wrath of Kimmel's sense of humor and we, the viewers are eternally grateful.

So take a break from watching your back and take a look at some of the host's best hoaxes. Who knows? You might even feel inspired to pull an epic prank on someone yourself (although we accept no responsibility for the repercussions!).

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Unplugging the TV During the Game

It’s hard to say whether you have to be brave or just completely crazy to turn off the television during the pinnacle of a sporting event, especially in front of a crowd, but it’s definitely worth it for a good laugh.

The Accidental Selfie



In the digital age, someone else’s hilariously embarrassing selfie is gold should you ever find yourself in the throes of a bad pic-off (it’s a real thing!). And the old iPhone operating system used to allow for pulling this gag on anyone in your contacts list. Unfortunately, the newer system doesn’t have the same glitch, but Kimmel took advantage while he still could.

Give Your Kids Terrible Christmas Gifts



When he’s not asking viewers to prank their spouses or pranking celebrities himself, Kimmel loves a good parent-on-kid hoax. Add in that the gag takes place on most children’s favorite holiday and you have a recipe for hilarious success.

I Did Nothing to the Coffee



Who would have thought that the best prank is the one you don’t actually commit? In a true exercise of trust, pranksters convince their loved ones that something is different with their morning joe...by telling them the exact opposite.

Tell Your Kids You Ate Their Candy



In the same cruel, albeit funny, vein as parents fooling their kids on Christmas, Kimmel requested something similar on Halloween and parents were more than happy to play along again.

Give an Awful Valentine's Day Present



In a truly cringe-worthy prank request, Kimmel asked significant others to mar the day of love by giving their loved ones joke Valentine’s day gifts. And the brave boyfriends really delivered, creepy crawling creatures and all.

"Silverstone" Your Kids



When Kimmel caught wind that Alicia Silverstone was practicing pre-chewing as a way of feeding her children, he jumped on the opportunity to ask parents to try the interesting tactic with their own children.

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