Hermes Apple Watch New Bands LEAD
Credit: Courtesy of Apple

Been coveting that buttery-leather Apple Watch Hermès? Yeah, us too. Luckily, the tech-y arm candy is now a bit more accessible. Apple just launched new styles and colors of the Apple Watch Hermès band, which for the very first time will be sold separately from the case.

Not only does this give you the flexibility to personalize your wearable by swapping out the bands according to your style, it also brings the starting price down from $1,250 for a case-and-band combo to $340 for a Single Tour band. The Single Tour and wrap-around Double Tour ($490; styles are now available in eight rich colors (we're eyeing the poppy Bleu Paon), while the cuff version ($690; comes in a thick cognac.

Hermes Apple Watch New Bands EMBED
Credit: Courtesy of Apple

Head to to shop the new styles.