#AvoToast Lovers, Rejoice—Apple's New Emojis Are Here!

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We seriously wonder if anyone at Apple ever sleeps! The technology giant just launched the software for its latest iOS 10.2 update, according to the company. And we're happy to report, that a whole new slew (hundreds!) of emojis are on the agenda. Everything from facial expressions we would much rather express on our phones to our favorite foods that weren't yet featured (like avocado and bacon) are included.

If you're a firefighter, scientist, or teacher, then you're finally getting your own emoji. Same goes for pregnant women: We can't believe that it has taken the company this long. There are also a load of new smiley faces on the menu—one that is sneezing and another that is drooling for all those accessories that are driving you mad.

Monday's update is a step in the right direction for Apple, as a plethora of brands have worked to be more inclusive and diverse when it comes to what their emojis represent. Facebook and Google were two who led the charge earlier this spring.

Naturally, emojis aren't the only exciting part of the latest update, as improvements to the iPhone Photos app, new iMessage effects, and the company's TV app are also included.

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The iOS 10.2 update is available now. Get it by choosing the "Software Update" after tapping on Settings > General on your phone: just make sure you're connected to WiFi.

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